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A remarkable flora, a stunning view of Lake Skadar, and cultural and historical wealth – everything nature and hiking lovers can now discover if they visit the new trail on Vranjina.

As part of the project “Cultural reactivation of Vranjina through culture and history” implemented by the NGO Psiho Vodič and financed by the European Union, a walking path was opened and a tour was organised on the occasion of celebrating International Wetlands Day.

“The opening of the track was really impressive and very well attended. There were over 150 participants who visited the two trails. We also had about 50 participants who were school children from the municipality of Zeta,” the organizers conveyed their impressions to us.

The overgrown trail was cleared and repaired as part of a project financed by the EU through the RELOAD programme. On the way to Velji vrh, there are now benches and information boards, and visitors can choose whether to take an easier or a more difficult route to the top.

“From this tour, a new idea for cooperation with an expert biologist originally from Vranjina was born, which is to organise a new tour in April – when people will be able to enjoy the flora that Vranjina thrives in, and to take photos there as well,” announced Ružica Stanković, President of the NGO Psiho Vodič.

This non-governmental organisation confirmed to us that the high attendance surprised the sleepy Vranjina.

“After successfully completing the ascent, a boy from Vranjina said: “I have never seen so many people in Vranjina” – which in itself is an indication of how unjustly neglected Vranjina is,” said Stanković in an interview for Europe House.

The trail itself offers an introduction to the old architecture of the fishing village of Vranjina, views of the medieval cultural and historical landmarks (Lesendro, Manastir Kom, Žabljak Crnojevića, etc.), the use of benches on the trail, and encounters with interesting flora, including the orchid zone that can be found in the well-known locality under the name “The First Sigh.”

“Support by the Delegation of the European Union was very important because, without these funds, which were distributed through the UNDP office in Montenegro, this trail would still be neglected, abandoned, and unused, and yet its potential is huge” Stanković stressed.

The opening of the track is part of the project “Cultural reactivation of Vranjina through culture and history,” which the NGO Psiho Vodič implemented as part of the ReLOaD2 programme, financed by the E, and implemented by UNDP in 15 local governments.

In the previous period, work was done on the valorisation of the trail on Vranjina, so the design of the info board for the trail, trail markings, and a couple of benches were installed, which you can use to enjoy the view of Lake Skadar and the natural beauty of the surrounding area. A series of photo sessions were organised to promote this area, as well as a video that shows the beauty of Vranjina in the best possible way.

Resource: Vranjina: Walk along the path through culture and history – EUROPE HOUSE (

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