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This platform has been created under the Regional Programme on Local Democracy in the Western Balkans,which is funded by the European Union and implemented by the UNDP


In the 2021, the Italian Embassy in BiH facilitated the establishment of an informal network of organisations and individuals, comprising environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs), youth activists’ groups and informal youth leaders from various parts of BiH – the Zelena mreža / Green Network. More than 200 young people country-wide have shown interest in tackling environmental issues through cleaning actions, tree planting and eco walks within their communities, as well as getting connected and sharing experiences and knowledge.  

This network, initiated and facilitated by the Italian Embassy, received support also from the UN team, UNDP, representatives of other embassies in BiH, as well as from Italian civil society organizations working in the country. In many of the locations, local authorities have also joined campaigns organized by the Zelena mreža network, thus demonstrating willingness to support youth initiatives for climate action 

As a result, an informal platform comprising young environmental activists has been set in motion, committed to contribute to the green transition and climate action. Based on the positive and promising experience, the Italian Embassy in BiH realized that further strengthening of this network will enable a stronger collective voice of young people in environmental advocacy, as well as will foster interaction among the network members across the country.  

Project Green Network 

The Project aims to encourage purpose-driven interaction among young people from different ethnic and religious groups and geographic locations around environment protection and youth activism, contributing to reconciliation and nature protection.  

Green Network Project Components 

  1. Support consolidation and expansion of the Zelena mreža giving it a common voice. As a result, it is expected that young people from different backgrounds country-wide are connected via youth activism and their interaction helps protect environment and combat climate change. 
  2. Support Zelena mreža actions. As a result, it is expected that green campaigns, innovative approaches to engaging young people and purpose-driven collective efforts of the Network will catalyse youth engagement and trigger country-wide actions that contribute to environment protection. 

Goals moving forward

  • At least 20 non-governmental organizations, at least 50 environmental activists and youth without formal affiliation, as well as informal groups gathered around Zelena mreža. 
  • At least 20 grassroot civil society organisations with focus on environment issues and/or youth organizations interested in environment protection, activism and sustainable development (such as scouts, youth sports clubs, “Eko-škole”, informal online groups, relevant youtubers, tik-tokers, relevant diaspora representatives, etc.). 



Start date

December 2021

Estimated end date

December 2022

Focus area

Intercultural dialog and interaction among young people 


Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs  

Project value

166,666.67 EUR


Embassy of the Republic of Italy in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Resource: Strengthening of Green Network Initiative | United Nations Development Programme (

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