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This platform has been created under the Regional Programme on Local Democracy in the Western Balkans,which is funded by the European Union and implemented by the UNDP

Public call in Centar Sarajevo

Representatives of youth organizations and organizations that deal with youth issues from the area of Centar Sarajevo municipality, high school students, students, activists and volunteers in the community, ready to improve the quality of life of the local community, are invited to propose priority areas and areas of youth activity in the area of the Municipality of Centar Sarajevo, which will potentially be an integral part of the public call for support for youth projects.
At the beginning of February, consultations were held with young people in the premises of the Culture and Youth Center of the Municipality of Centar, when priority topics and areas of activity for young people in the area of the Municipality of Centar Sarajevo were proposed:

• promotion and affirmation of entrepreneurship among young people

• affirmation of information technologies and development of digital skills among young people

• promotion of youth volunteerism and activism through practical examples

• improvement of living conditions for people with difficulties and disabilities

• encouraging artistic and musical creativity of young people (contemporary artistic and musical expressions, promotion of music, organizing courses for young people in DJing)

• encouraging sports activities for young people with a special focus on people with developmental disabilities

• projects for young people that include the affirmation and promotion of volunteerism and activism among young people

• providing practical experience for young people through the cooperation of the private, governmental and civil sectors (this topic is not within the competence of CSOs and it will not be possible to finance it through a public call for CSOs organized as part of the ReLOaD2 project)

Based on the adopted Youth Strategy of the Municipality of Centar Sarajevo for the period 2022-2026, the topics and areas of youth activity for 2023 have been prioritized:

• prevention of cyber violence

• training for the development of soft skills among young people

• involving young people in volunteer activities with a special focus on the environment

• promotion of new sports skills and organization of competitions

• intergenerational solidarity through youth activism and volunteerism

• intangible cultural heritage and artistic creativity of young people in the area of the Municipality of Centar Sarajevo

• organization of monthly motivational speeches for young people (CentarTalks)

• education of young people in the field of orienteering in the area of the Municipality of Centar

• education of young people in the field of marketing, entrepreneurship, freelancing and old trades

At the end of February 2023, a public call for support for youth projects in the area of the Municipality of Centar Sarajevo will be published. In order to ensure transparency in the process of selecting priority topics and areas of the public call, all interested parties will be able to propose additional priority topics and areas via the form on the link no later than February 23, 2023.

Through this public call, civil society organizations that have experience in implementing youth projects will have the opportunity to propose funding and implementation of initiatives that were prioritized within the consultation, and those that they estimate will be able to encourage and engage young people to participate in the life of the local community.

Resource: Općina Centar Sarajevo

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