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Istogu në destinacionin e hartave turistike përmes promovimit të turizmit

2. NGO: “Klubi Alpin Podguri
Priority field: Promotion of tourist values of the municipality of Istog/k
The project aims to promote the tourism potentials of the Municipality of Istog/k. To increase the number of tourists at tourist sites, the project aims to provide information by the tourist information center located in the center of the city which is managed by the respective CSO. The project will use different promotion components to promote the tourist offers of Istog/k Municipality, such as (i) video recordings of the tourist package, which will be published on the web site of the club, municipality and hotel businesses; (ii) organization of paragliding competitions for the promotion of this recreational sport in the municipality of Istog/k; (iii) organization of two hiking tours to the Istog/k Mountains to promote Viking trails and various natural attractions; (iv) organization of a visit to the Twin Caves in the Istog/k Mountains; as well as (v) organization of the climb to the 'View Point Podguri'.