Knowledge base

EU Acquis and Local Government in Albania

EU Programmes for Civil Society Organisations in Kosovo

Law on Organization and Functioning of the Agency for Supporting Civil Society in Albania

Legal basis for the involvement of Civil Society in policy and decision-making in Albania

Law on the Establishment and Functioning of the National Council for Civil Society in Albania

Law on Local Government in Serbia

Javnost Rada Vlada i Parlamenata u BiH: slubene Web stranice institucija kao ekasan alat za pruanje informacija

ReLOaD Bosnia and Herzegovina Country Specific Project Factsheet


Matrix of Competences of Local Self-Government

The State of Local Democracy in the Western Balkans

Cooperation between Local Self-Governments and Civil Society Organizations: Exchanging Good Practices in the Western Balkans and Turkey

Civil Society in the EU Integration of Western Balkans

Policy Position: The Involvement of Civil Society in the EU Enlargement Process

Regional Cooperation in the Western Balkans

Government Strategy for Cooperation with Civil Society 2013-2017 in Kosovo

Strategy for Cooperation of the Government with the Civil Society 2018 – 2020 in Republic of North Macedonia

Index Kosovar Civil Society

Strategy for Enabling the Environment for Non-Governmental Organization' Activities 2018-2020

Decree on the manner and procedure for achieving cooperation between state administration bodies and non-governmental organizations

Law on Non-Governmental Organizations - The Law was published in the "Official Gazette of Montenegro", no. 39/2011 and 37/2017.

ReLOaD Republic of North Macedonia Country Specific Factsheet

Law no. 8788, dated 7 May 2001 On Non-Profit Organizations in Albania

South East Europe Strategy 2020

Communication from the Commission Europe 2020 A Strategy For Smart, Sustainable And Inclusive Growth

Communication from the Commission Europe 2020 A Strategy For Smart, Sustainable And Inclusive Growth Instrument For Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II) 2014-2020

Analysis of the Local Government Situation In Albania: Administrative and Territorial Reform

DG Enlargement Guidelines for EU Support to Civil Society in Enlargement Countries, 2014-2020

Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II) 2014-2020 Albania: Civil Society Facility Programme 2014-2015

Roma Inclusion at Local Level: The ROMACT Approach

Strategy for Cooperation of the Government with the Civil Society, Government of the Republic of North Macedonia

Code of Good Practice on Civil Participation

Law on Associations and Foundations, Republic of North Macedonia

Metodologjia për Alokimin e Fondeve për Organizatat e Shoqërisë Civile

ReLOaD Kosovo Country Specific Factsheet

Regulation MF - NR – 04/2017 on Criteria, Standards and Procedures on Public Funding of NGOs in Kosovo

ReLOaD Serbia Country Specific Factsheet

Assessment of Development Results Evaluation of UNDP Contribution to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Law on Associations and Foundations of Bosnia And Herzegovina

Legal Framework for Financing NGOs from Local Self-government Budgets

ReLOaD Montenegro Country Specific Factsheet

ReLOaD Albania Country Specific Factsheet

Trainer manual – The role of Civil Society Organizations in local community and transparent fund disbursement

Roadmap for Policy Development and Measures for an Enable Environment for Civil Society

LOD Methodology for Allocation of Funds to Civil Society Organizations

2017 Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index for Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia

Mapping of UNDP’s work on civic engagement

Missing the Rules of Engagement